How to Recover Deleted Files from any storage device for free


Have you been in a trouble of losing important files on PC hard drive, sd card or pen drive because of wrong deleting and then found out your important data has gone?

Do you know it's possible to recover deleted files?
There are many useful ways you can recover your deleted files. Read the whole article and you will learn how to recover your precious data even after deleting it. Well, of course, I can't guarantee you that your all deleted files can be recovered but there is a good chance of recovering your files which are better than no chance.

Follow those steps to recover your files :
Step 1: Stop using your computer or that memory storage device
After you discover that you delete an important file, you should stop using your computer or that specific storage device. If your file was on your computer then stop using it means no more streaming videos or download anything on that partition on which the file was there. This will improve your chance of getting back your files.
This is necessary because when we delete a file from our storage device the file actually still stays in our storage devices but the link of that file is deleted by computer. So a computer is unable to find those files but if we use powerful recovery tools then those tools can scan our disk and those files. But here is the trick if we still using the storage device then maybe your deleted files can be overwritten and you lose a chance of recovering them. That's why it's always a good idea to stop using your storage device when you found out you deleted some important file.

Step 2: Download a file recovery program
There are various types of recovery programs are available some of them are paid some of them are free. Which type of program choose totally depends on you. Paid software are good and have some advanced features but free software is also capable of restoring your important files.

Recuva is one of my favourite free recovery software. I recommend you to use Recuva portable version or any software you choose to a different drive or pen drive than the one with the deleted file.

#1. Recuva                                                         
Recuva is one of the best free file recovery software available. It's very easy to use and it's free version effective as any other premium file recovery software out there. Recuva can recover files from hard drive, sd cards, pen drive and external hard drives. Recuva also supports a vast majority of file formats.

Download link: download_recuva

#2 MiniTool Partition Recovery                 
If your an entire drive or partition goes missing this software can help you get lost data back. This can often happen due to accidentally deleted partition or maybe some hardware problem like the partition header has corrupted.

MiniTool Partition offers an easy interface, you just have to choose the drive which contains your lost partition and then scan. MiniTool Partition can sometimes show not responding, but wait till it finishes. After it finishes locate your missing partition and click on Finish to restore it.

Download link: mini tool- partition recovery

#3. Disk Drill                                                  
Disk drill is an excellent data recovery software because of its simple design and features. Using Disk drill free version you can only recover data up to 100mb. Disk Drill offers to recover data from any internal or external storage devices.

Download link: Disk Drill

 # 4. Glary Undelete                                       
Glary Undelete is an excellent recovery software. It offers to recover data from hard drives and external storages devices. It has a simple interface and offers you windows explorer like folder view. It also suggests how likely a file recovery will be this is one of the interesting features of Glary Undelete.

Download link: Glary-undelete

#5. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard              
EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard is another great tool to recover files. It supports most devices out there from PC to music player and also a large variety of file formats. EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard can also detect partition loss and recovery partition.

It's a great piece of software but it offers only 500 MB of data in a free version. But this software is really worth it, it's one of the most powerful recovery software. If you lost only some small document files and previously described software are unable to restore it. You can try this because in that case, 500 MB is more than enough.

Download link: EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard

Step 3: Scan
Use above file recovery tools to scan for deleted files. This process can take few minutes to few hours depending on your drive size. In each software, I discussed above have scan options using which you can scan specific drive or folder.

Step 4: Restore

When your scan is complete, choose which files you want to recover from recoverable files. Then choose to restore option. Now it's going to ask you a specific disk location I always suggest you restore files to another drive because if you found any files are still missing. You can use other recovery tools to search for them with out overwriting deleted files.

If you tried to recover lost files but having any kind of issue you can contact me to get more help.
If you have any queries, opinions, suggestions, and feedback tell me in comments below👇


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